People Find Refuge in Gold These Days

lowest gold price in world

People Find Refuge in Lowest Gold Price in World These Days

Which country has lowest gold price in world? Africa is the place! Buy and seek refuge in gold. The demand of gold in the world has greatly soared with more and more individuals starting to buy gold. This precious metal is considered safe investment in turbulent times. Uncertainty and negative interest rates have led many individuals in the world to start investing in gold bars and high quality 24K gold. This trend is confirmed by the quarterly report of the World Gold Council, where there is inflow to mutual funds investing in gold. Indeed, this influx is especially common in Europe, where the demand for gold for technology, jewelry etc. worldwide is declining. People are investing in gold with the sole aim of making profits, protecting wealth and safeguarding their future.

Gold is likely to be more profitable in 2017! Invest in gold now

Many analysts predict that the price of gold will rise to $1,450 an ounce by the end of 2017, from about $ 1,250 an ounce in late 2016. According to analysts, the price of gold will rise in 2017. They support its forecast based on the fact that the policy of the major central banks will remain expansionary in 2017, thus making bond yields to remain low, which favors gold, a type of investment that has stable performance as bonds. Second reason for enhancing the value of gold in the coming months is the general political uncertainty caused by the election Trump and the many critical elections in Europe – in Italy the referendum in December, the Netherlands parliamentary elections in March, the French presidential elections May and general elections in Germany in September. Geopolitical tensions in the Middle East are one last word that stimulates the demand for gold. Which country has lowest gold price in world? Buy from East Africa. Contact us now.

Invest in gold today if you would like to protect yourself from such situations

High quality 24K gold is available here. Buy and we will process for you the documents and even ship it to any destination across the world. Which country has lowest gold price in world? Buy countries in Central Africa.

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