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“Aurum” is the Latin word for gold. The chemical symbol for gold, “au”, is based on it. Gold is a precious metal that is characterized as such by its high chemical resistance to its environment. It is very inert and resistant to corrosion; only a few chemicals can dissolve or melt gold.

The melting point of gold is 1065 ° C. In comparison with platinum (1772 ° C), this is a moderate melting point, which makes it comparatively easier to process than platinum result. Pure gold is soft. Pure gold and gold alloys with a high gold content are therefore suitable as a material for making jewelry only conditionally.

It can be easily scratched to make jewelry; bends and deforms rapidly. Gold is a heavy metal and as such has a very high density, namely 19:32 g / cm3. The density of gold is therefore 19:32 times greater than that of water (density is the ratio of mass to volume). The ductility of gold is very high (ductility can be roughly translated to mean “deformability”).

Frequently Asked Questions about Congo Gold And Gold Alloys

What is a gold alloy?
If two or more metals are mixed by melting together, it is called an alloy. Gold is alloyed with one or more other metals to create gold alloys. In everyday life, you will not only come across pure gild; but you will also find many gold alloys.

Why is gold alloyed?
By alloying gold with other metals, its properties change. It also optimizes its workability. For example, the hardness, the melting point, density, color and more can be altered by alloying gold. Gold is also alloyed for cost reasons. However it should be remembered that alloying gold doesn’t affect its gold value.

Why is there gold in colors other than yellow?
Pure gold is always shiny. Gold alloys can also have other colors and hues – depending on which metal and its proportion has been used to alloy gold. That is why you can find yellow, green, silver and other gold bars in different colours.

Which gold colors are available?
The main gold colors are yellow, red and white. This is known as yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. In addition, however, it is also possible to produce green gold alloys.





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