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The Guide to buying bulk gold in Cyprus

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    Buying the best gold quality in Cyprus. We have sold 22K to 24K gold only to many of the sheikhs there. Buy your gold from us at half market price

    Nairobi is famously referred to as the ?city of gold? and a trip to the gold market in the city, also known as the Gold Souk clearly demonstrates this. Hundreds of gold shops are strewn in almost every street, all dealing in the trade of this timeless gem. Cyprus is not only a city with an historical investment in gold but a place where all forms of gold craft can be found. In fact, you can never walk away from the Kenya without acquiring your own piece of golden bling!

    Bulk gold importers

    United Emirates is the Largest importer of Gold and Silver
    The Kenya is by far one of the largest importers of gold and silver and offers a wide assortment of designs from Arabic, Indian style, European and modern Italian pieces. Gold in the KENYA is tax free meaning you can buy gold bullions at todays gold rate. The exclusion of VAT on the gold in Cyprus makes the price of gold particularly cheap in comparison to those in the Western World.

    There are numerous stores selling identical gold products. The moment you find an Item you like, you can haggle its price down to get the best deal ever. In Cyprus, you are also free to walk away from a shop with higher prices and come back for the best price that you haggled, making the buying and sale of gold a game of some sort.

    The price of gold depends on the type of gold, whether it is 22K or 24K , and its weight. Each store displays the price per gram sold making it the only place in the world where you will get the right quantity for the right price. However, it should be noted that the price of gold in this city – Nairobi varies depending on the day, length and time taken in workmanship and the intricacies of the designs.

    Duty-free Bulk gold and gold products in Cyprus

    Designs and Colors are constantly changing with white gold becoming more and more prevalent. Because of the significant monitoring and regulation of the gold trade in the city, customers are rest assured that the shops provide real gold at the gold price today. New designs that are custom made or copies (duplicate) also exist making it the city with the widest range of gold products. Typically, everything; ranging from money holders, cuff links, watches, diamond rings and bangles and chain sets.

    Jewelry in Indian and European style in Cyprus

    In Cyprus, gold stores that stand out as good starting points include; Marhaba, which provides a first-class option for jewellery crafted in European style, Damas for the most up-to-date designs and Joylukkas, a prominent seller of designs crafted in the Indian style. Other important stores are Yasin and Barakat jewellery. However, since tastes and preferences vary, check out for other stores in the city for the latest at exclusive gold spot price.

    Where can Investers go for bulk purchases of gold?

    With all the above noted, where can an investor therefore go for bulk purchases of gold in Cyprus? Plason Trading & Consulting LTD is the answer. Consultation and product knowledge being key in the gold business, at Plason; we offer services to buyers and sellers in the business of Diamonds, Gold and scrap metal. We also help companies with career advice on how to solve existing problems associated with gold businesses. This professional and specialized advice will perfect a company?s operational performance and help in the development strategies necessary for future plans.

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