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    Why Gold is Worth Your Investment

    Gold, famously known for its properties and uses, has always been regarded as a metal of all ages throughout centuries. People have made money from gold businesses and they will continuously make money from the old time trade in the gem, paving way for the current gold rush. Apart from its prominence as a metal of immense class all through the ages past, gold is prized for its timeless and stable economic value.

    Because of its amazing worth enumerated above, gold has constantly kept its status as an all-time valuable metal. Today, gold is used in electronics and pollution control, in pharmaceuticals and jewellery. Governments and people across the globe also use it to insure themselves against economic fluctuations.

    Bulky Gold Trade Today has been made even easier

    Bulky gold trade today is handled in terms of the sale and purchase of high quality gold bars. A bar of gold (gold bar) is a standard unit or quantity of unadulterated gold that has been minted or perhaps stamped in a brick shape. Investments in bulky gold bars necessitates being aware of the different sizes and options to choose from. These always range from tiny grams to the 400 troy ounce bars. The choice of the size to purchase usually depends on the needs of the investor and the price of gold today.

    Gold standard weight Measurements – Troy ounces

    An investor also ought to know that gold is measured in “troy ounces”, which is equivalent to 31.1 grams. The measurements of gold bars can sometimes be ounces or grams. The ounce weight of a bar is a troy ounce and not an avoirdupois ounce, the one commonly encountered in day-to-day business transactions. The avoirdupois is not as heavy as a troy ounce.

    Most large bars bear the smallest premium per ounce. Because of this reason, it is normal to find that large bars have the lowest per-ounce prices, making them affordable. Investment in bulky gold bars means buying and selling quantities in the smallest or largest size of one bar. Buying gold bars with the intention of using them as currency or to provide immunity against any possible economic collapse requires an important consideration from an investor in the gold market.


    Bulky gold buyers and sellers often purchase a one ounce or ten ounce gold bars, or perhaps those that come minted in smaller sizes like the 1-500 gram pieces. A standard gold block that is usually used by central banks as a gold reserve is the 400 troy ounce bar. This good delivery bar is approximately 12.4 kilos, about 438.9 ounces. The largest bar commonly used for investment purchases and trading is the 1000 kilo bar (32.15 troy ounces). This is the most affordable size that carries the lowest premium above gold’s spot value and prices. It is the ideal piece for transfers between investors, banks and those who sell gold.

    Other small sized gold bars are the 20, 10, 5, 1, (one-half troy ounce) or 500, 250, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 (1 gram). In addition, others are measured using the traditional Tola, an Indian term that has gained international recognition in gold measurement. They include 11.66 grams (1 Tola), 117 grams (Ten tola) and 50 grams (1 tael).

    Finally, it is also important to note that bar weights and dimensions vary from mint to mint. Gold bars are generally small for their weight owing to their relative density.
    The dimensions of any particular gold bar weight vary significantly from one mint to another. Because gold is a relatively dense material, gold bars are relatively small for their weight.



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