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Where to buy gold in Africa?

Where to buy gold in Africa – Nairobi, Kenya

Where to buy gold in Africa is many places in Africa but the friendliest city for business in Africa is Nairobi, Kenya. Everything concerning the cash and carry or FOB is handled very professional and this is the type of business environment we need to conduct business in.

Why Nairobi is good for Gold Business?

Firstly, most gold sold in Nairobi, Kenya are very high purity (over 90% pure) and are always open to testing in national/government laboratories and this what both sellers and buyers want.

The second reason, Nairobi is good for gold business is that, one can do a cash and carry of up to 50 kilograms per passenger with all legal documents for buyer to carry their gold to their preferred destination.

Nairobi Gold Dealers are give the best deals

The best deals for gold are in Nairobi and that leaves you with no doubt on where to buy gold in Africa. Congo is another place to deal in Gold and the finest gold finds its way to neighboring countries because of the smoothness in which the deals are executed. So even if you are looking for Congo gold, you will still get that high quality in Nairobi.

What Price is our gold?

The price of gold varies every single minute however, here in Nairobi, we have the LBMA price which goes with other sets of conditions. What we prefer is usually a lower price that allows a buyer to become a repetitive buyer because of the profit margin s/he gets. Price will range from US$26000 to US$ 31000 excluding taxes and a few other smaller charges.

So why is our price this good? The reason is that we get it from the very source and that makes our price one that no one can ever beat.

To buy our fine gold, reach us using the contact form.



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