Dubai online gold trade

Dubai Online Gold Trade is Lucrative

Online gold trade in Dubai has been a longstanding historical activity spanning many years. The city has emerged as a gold bullion centre, rivaling Shanghai and London; and accounting for more than 25% of the annual gold trade globally.
Trading gold and silver online in Dubai offers a great option to indices and currencies for traders in search of both short and long-term investment opportunities. In The Dubai Foreign Exchange Market, silver and gold are regarded as currencies whose prices are expressed in terms of the US Dollar.

Dubai online Gold Trade and Silver Online Trading

Gold and silver, when traded online, is very similar to the Forex trade. Their prices are settled on by the supply and demand trends just like any other commodities. Their weight is normally measured per ounce (Oz)

In Dubai, The silver and gold online market is an OTC market, meaning there is no central market. Most transactions are conducted over the telephone and online by an international network of decentralized banks, importers, exporters and corporations at the existing gold spot price. These institutions are interconnected by computer and communication networks, the internet inclusive. This presents a very sharp contrast to the DGCX (Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange), a centralized location for trading gold and silver commodities.

Gold and Silver trades at US$3 Trillion a day

Online gold and silver trading in Dubai is a 24 hour market. Just like the Forex market, it works 24 hours a day, 5 days in a week; Meaning that you can trade during major events and breaking news without waiting for the opening of the market. In this kind of arrangement, you can have access to the world’s largest gold market trading over US$3 trillion daily. This provides you with unmatched liquidity.

In addition, online gold trade in Dubai gives an investor a low margin on high leverage requirements. This in-turn offers traders leverages of 100 to 1. The implication of this is that for every $1000 investment, a trader will be in control of $100,000, all in contracts’ worth. This is especially when trading in gold futures or silver futures.

The Advantages of trading Gold online – Trade Dubai

The overwhelming advantage of online gold trade is low transaction costs. Expenditure on commissions is as low as $30 per every round-trip trade. Whether a market is rising or falling, a trader will make profits in any market. Furthermore, powerful tools and price charts help you to technically analyze the market before putting your money on the gold. The existences of free-practice accounts online is a very paramount factor in helping a trader hone and perfect his or her trading skills before jumping into the gold online trading arena.

Which prominent company can a person therefore rely on while trading gold online in Dubai? Alfa Financial is the answer. An investor needs education in order to be confident and this is what the company does. In dealing with Alfa financial, you are made fully aware of the risks involved in online gold trading before you venture into it. The company is committed to providing all the necessary information that makes you a confident online Silver and Gold trader. To fully practice and understand the dynamics of online gold trading today, open a free practice account for self education and simulation of trading conditions. Once done, you can own yourself a simulated trading account at a cost of $25,000 cash balance which allows you to practice selling and buying of silver and gold, practice trade in spot CFDs, practice how you can build an online portfolio and global trade in the comfort of your home.
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