How Much Is A 24k Gold Bar In Kampala?

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How Much Is A 24k Gold Bar In Kampala?

How much is a 24k gold bar in Kampala? Can I buy a 24k gold ingot online from Kampala? Well, these are some of the most asked questions by investors who are not aware of the dynamics of gold price in this Great Lakes’ city. But, before we even get to the point of talking about pricing, it is worthwhile noting that gold deals in Kampala are far more lucrative than any other single one in the East African region. The recent discovery of gold in the North-eastern district of Moroto has added to the number of dotted goldmines countrywide; another source of the precious gold commodity. With this addition, production has been bolstered.

So, how much is a 24k gold bar in Uganda now that production has increased?

Well, one thing you have to know is that there are some gold producing regions of Uganda where the miners themselves do not know the current price of gold. This is especially the case with small artisanal miners in the remote Moroto district. Buying from such sources even gives you the opportunity to haggle prices, presenting you with the most profitable way of buying gold. So, the question regarding how much is a 24k gold bar becomes a hard one to answer, especially when we come face-to-face with realities that we have already presented above.

But, if you are seriously looking for where to buy gold at good price, then buy from us

We are gold trading company with a rock-solid presence in the East African region. Our gold is sourced locally and also from the Democratic Republic of Congo. With over a decade’s experience in business; professionalism, reliability and trust are some of the key insignias of our service. The next time you come to Kampala and you would like to buy some high quality 24K gold in a hurry, do not hesitate to drop by our offices and cash-and-carry some of that gold.

Yes! You can also buy this gold online

We do shipment of gold to any destination across the world. For limited quantities, you will benefit from our reliable FOB shipping service. Should you wish to buy high quantities of our gold, you can pay with a Standard Letter of Credit (SLOC/SLBC) and enjoy free insurance to the shipment point; courtesy of CIF arrangements. How much is a 24k gold bar? Can I buy a gold ingot in Kampala online? Is gold cheap in Uganda? Feel free to contact us for more details.

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