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Are you in Kuwait and looking for affordable gold? Buy online affordable gold from Africa here. The investment in gold during this period of market volatility, much provoked by the political crisis that aggravates the economic situation, was the subject of the last two columns, published on September 6 and 13. For those who were interested in the asset, we were, due to space limitations, some tips on how to invest in gold safely. After all, you need to know where to buy gold with assurance that it is pure and where to sell it when you make the profit. Before entering into these practical details, let us recall some concepts about investing in gold. Gold is a commodity that has the price formed in international markets, according to supply and demand.

As it is considered a value reserve, gold tends to appreciate in times of crisis and to lose value in times of economic boom. In recent years, the price has fallen in the international market because of the signs of recovery in the United States, but in other countries, it has risen, packed by the exchange. Until September 17, gold appreciated 38% in several countries, in the wake of the dollar, which rose by 50%.

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The investor can acquire gold through accredited financial institutions for this purpose. It is possible to buy the metal at financial banks, simply by registering with a brokerage firm that operates on the Stock Exchange. Another possibility is to buy directly from the national bank of your country. However, the best way of buying is to buy gold online through African gold dealers like us.

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