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gold value and content

Gold Value And Content

There is a very simple way of determining gold value. When you voluntarily take your old gold back to the establishment of a bullion dealer, the first thing the gold trader does is to look at the gold labels. When in doubt about the quality mark, you can always carry out a check. In that case, the gold is checked with sulfuric acid. Special concentrations of sulfuric acid may be used to show the amount of gold in a gold bar. Generally, gold remains undamaged and maintains its value.

The gold in the jewelry is almost always blended with other materials. Pure gold is soft and clear. However, this property would make it malleable and vulnerable. For gold to be harder, metals are added in order to make it a gold alloy. Metals which strengthen gold include silver, palladium, copper, nickel and tin.

Is the Gold Value Really so High?

People regularly ask about the gold value. They often think that their old jewelry is worth much less. But people make mistakes! The gold prices are historically high and your gold is worth more than you think. The current share prices offer a unique and unrepeatable opportunity. Your jewelry that you have been using for a special occasion or just a treat for yourself can be a great source of money.

Gold Content

The gold content is always expressed in carats. Pure gold, without additives, is always 24 carats. So a 24 carat contains 100% pure gold, 18 carat gold contains 75% pure gold, 12 carat contains 50% pure gold and 6 carats contains 25% pure gold. An 18 carat gold bracelet thus contains 75% pure gold and thus 18 / 24th part. However, without quality mark, for example, the difference between 15 and 16 carats is difficult to see. An official mark is therefore of great importance.





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