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Gold Deals – the only African deals you need

Have been wondering why many people have started investing in gold? The answer is that gold deals are very lucrative these days. Buying gold from Africa is the most affordable and the easiest way of getting rich. We have that high quality gold right here in Africa. Contact us online now or simply come to Africa and you will get your gold. The price of gold has followed an upward trend since 2000. While last year has had a poor performance, the gold price has more than quintupled during this period of 12 years without having yet reached the levels of 1980 (adjusted for inflation). This means that if you buy gold cheaply through us, you can later sell that same gold at the lowest possible price ever. Our gold is the purest 24K gold mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Congo gold deals are lucrative here. Come and buy now.

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We have gold in all quantities here. You can buy handfuls. You can also buy several kilograms of up to 50. Buy that gold from us now. Gold demand is increasing, particularly in industry and jewelry. These two sectors account for about 70% of global demand for gold and have an annual increase of 5 to 8%. Why not buy at a lower price from us and later sell to them at a higher price? Come to Africa now and have that gold. In times of economic crisis, gold is the ultimate refuge value, so it is an asset that allows us to diversify portfolios for pension funds and professional investors.

All documentation and shipping will be done by us

When you buy our 24K gold from Kenya, we will help you process all the related documents necessary in the transportation of your gold. We also do FOB shipping of the bulk gold bought from us. Come to Africa now or simply contact us online for a chance to buy gold at the lowest price ever. Gold deals are better here in Africa.