Buying Gold From Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Buying Gold From Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Buying gold from Congo (DRC) is not as risky as people think. First, we must say that just like the case is with many countries across the world, DR Congo trades her gold legally, through regulated channels. Many people often fear buying from the country thinking their gold will be captured or seized. But, why do you have to worry if you have bought it straight from an authorized dealer? So, you should ensure that you buy from regulated sources.

There are huge quantities of gold in the DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo, like Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda exports her gold mostly to Asian and Arab countries. China buys a lot from this country and so do traders in The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Indians who are in Kampala, Nairobi or Kinshasa have often bought pieces that they can just hand-carry to the cities in their homeland. There are no questions regarding quality here. You won’t ever be duped into buying fake gold, for as long as you buy from an authorised dealer. So, if you are looking forward to buying gold from Congo, look no further than us.

More so, the price of gold is cheaper and more affordable here

You may have heard that gold can be bought at a price lower than what is charged in the international market – here in the Democratic republic of Congo. Yes, that’s true because there are quite a plethora of suppliers. Many are small scale miners from the rebel-held regions in the Eastern Province. Insurgency is still problem in this country, but it has also made it possible to negotiate the price of gold whenever it is being sold. When the insurgents sell, they are looking for quick money. This makes buying gold from Congo more profitable than it can be done from other countries.

However, remember to buy from an authorized dealer

We are a company that has been at the forefront of gold trade in this East African region – exporting and shipping gold to various destinations across the globe. If you have been looking for a chance to buy gold at affordable rates, you just have to know that buying gold from Congo is cheaper when you deal with us. Order for any quantity now. Come to our physical location and carry it. If you can’t make it to any our points in Kampala, Nairobi and Kinshasa; then you could just buy online. .

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