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High quality gold for a gold backed pension scheme is here. In times of weak economic market we can realize the importance of buying gold in any form, because it is a profitable and secure investment, used since ancient times by governments and individuals to put their savings in a safe place. When you deal with us, we work with the main objective of asserting and facilitating investment by individuals and entities in gold and silver, both gold bars and gold dust. To this end, our dedicated team of professionals offers a close and objective advice with the most appropriate to their goals of profitability, payback periods and budget available for all investment proposals.

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We are the best choice for anyone looking to acquire gold in its purest form and at the lowest prices. Investment in gold is a safe and profitable value in the medium and long term. When you check at our offices and on our website, you will discover that we offer the best and most complete advice for those who are looking for gold. We have the highest quality and purest gold at the best price ever. Whether you want a handful or would like several kilograms of this precious metal; come to Nairobi or contact us online now.

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In case you would like to buy some pieces of gold, all you just have to do is to come to our offices or send an email with a detailed description of the gold you want. We will respond to it as soon as it is received. We make buying gold from the Congo easier than you had ever expected. Contact us now or simply come to Nairobi. The gold you have been looking for in order to facilitate your gold backed pension is here!





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