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Have you been looking for gold wholesale distributors on the African continent? We are right here for you. We sell gold at the lowest possible price ever. Gold has recently completed the best quarter in 30 years, advancing by 16% compared to the end of 2015. Many investors are already shifting their investments into this o safe-haven. What are you still waiting for? Buy gold now and enjoy massive profits trading in this precious mineral.

African Gold Wholesale – Why Choose To Buy Gold?

If early preference for safe haven assets was natural, it is interest in it that is currently overwhelming. Those who want to protect and grow their wealth must invest in this precious mineral. It is inflation proof. No government or fiscal policy can ever have control over gold. We are now offering you the opportunity of buying this precious mineral at the best rate ever. Contact us now and make your first order. We have the purest, the richest and the most affordable gold that can be found on the African continent. Buy gold bars, gold nuggets and even gold dust through us. Just contact us online and buy our rich gold sourced from the DR Congo and many other African gold mining countries. We are the only gold wholesale distributors you can trust.

We Provide Shipment And Required Documents To Buyers

The transportation of gold requires necessary documentation. That is what we make a priority here. We ensure that your gold transaction is made hassle free. For that reason, we make it a point to process all the necessary documents required in the transportation and handling of your gold. You can also buy any quantity from us and get instant documents. Other other hand, bulk purchases will have shipping arrangement made under the FOB module. Contact us now, because we are the only reliable gold wholesale distributors on the African continent.





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