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Gold Trade Generates Billions of US Dollars – Find out why you should invest in Gold.

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    The US Federal bureau, in an attempt to keep interest rates at zero, has lowered the price of precious metals; gold inclusive. Although this policy is good for the economy; it has made investors to catch cold as they envisage a potential rise in the interest rates later in the course of the year. Billions of dollars have been spent by the Federal Reserve in the buying of treasury bonds and is now technically exiting from the program.

    Top Most Fears for Gold Investors

    One of the top most fears for an investor in gold is that the Federal Reserve will tolerate a rise in the interest rates later, which in turn, can lead to a stable U.S. dollar. Gold prices normally fall when the dollar rises because more ounces of gold can be bought by a stronger dollar for less.
    Prices of gems recently leaped up after the announcement that it was imminent that the Federal Reserve would continue being dovish even after it had stopped buying bonds monthly. By keeping interest rates at near zero, a potentially ‘disastrous’ inflation would be sparked, which is very bullish for the prices of gold. Traders are now buying gold at current market prices in order to get ahead of the inflationary environment.

    However, the challenges enumerated above shouldn’t discourage one from gold trading as it has quickly risen to prominence as the most popular way of playing with the global economy and its trend of development. There is a fortune in gold, in fact, billions of dollars. For instance, most companies that refine gold in the US refine less that 1% of the jewellery scrap in the country. Jewellery prices have also been growing globally at the rate of 5% annually, meaning there will always be an endless supply of gold and profit for the investor.

    factors that Drive the Gold business

    The two factors that drive gold business today are the millions of jobless people striving in tough economies and the high prices of gold. Millions of broke people come out of the woodwork to dispose off their gold because they need cash or want to take advantage of the best prices. These people are very easy to find and you will spend less on advertising to access them. An average person can bring in three or four items that might weigh about 2 ounces altogether. Most of these items are 14K gold with a 58% purity level and the rest are alloys that are used in hardening and giving gold its quality color.
    Two ounces of gold with a 58% purity can work out 1.16 ounces of high quality gold. Let’s assume you pay the owner of the piece 50%, which is characteristic of most genuine gold dealers. A refiner of this gold will pay you 95% of the gold’s spot price. The math is yours! There will be a very nice profit from just a single transaction. If you do that three to four times a week, you will really be looking at colossal sums of money. Trade in gold generates billions of dollars!

    Know when to Invest in a lucrative Gold business

    Knowing when to invest in a lucrative gold business is very imperative. There are some of the most profitable times one can engage in gold trade and October appears to be the prime standout because gold tends to rise in price at the beginning of autumn. It should however be remembered that gold has a downward trend in June and remains relatively flat through August. It is also important to note that at the end of December and at the beginning of January, gold typically finds its bottom. September and November are bull months. Steady gains are also experienced through Mid-January and February. Find out why you should invest in gold now by buying in bulk at well below the market price of gold. Use link below to send us a message.

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