Gold And Silver – Why Purchase Them in 2015

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Why Buy Gold And Silver In 2015

Is the bear market in gold and silver over? Possibly not yet. In this article, you will find 5 good reasons to buy gold and silver this year. In most bear markets, we see a parabolic rise after a decline until the outbreak levels and then into the new phase of this gold which is at $ 1,000.

The current cyclical bear market in the secular bull market can still get a brief sell-off phase in which the price of gold rises toward $ 1,000 before finally going the way up to resuming. These are already five good reasons why you should buy gold and silver this year.

1. The main reason to buy gold in 2015 (and actually why you should always buy gold) is a diversification in your portfolio and protect against uncertainty. Gold works as a financial insurance. You can compare it to your car or fire insurance. These are the things everyone has. Although many believe that they don’t need them, if you need it, you’ll be glad you have it.

2. Gold is still much oversold. Even if there is no significant upsurge in 2015, it will be able to go slightly higher at the end of the year.

3. Central banks are embroiled in a currency war since 2008 and it does not immediately seem that this will change soon. Also, central banks continue to buy gold. Russia and China used gold in their race to a new monetary system.

4. Most people do not believe in hyperinflation but see more deflation. They forget that deflation is a danger to the current monetary system and gold have performed well in deflation.

5. If the central banks continue to fight deflation by printing money, the pendulum at a given moment will swing to the favor of gold.





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