Pure Gold – What Is Gold And What Are It’s Facts

pure gold

Pure Gold – What Is Gold?

Gold is a soft, bright, yellow, natural material that lies in the deeper layers of the earth’s crust.
Pure gold is naturally a soft metal and therefore difficult to process into a jewel. In order to harden gold, it is sometimes alloyed with metals such as silver and copper. These metals are called gold alloys. In some countries, gold is alloyed with palladium in order to comply with the standards on nickel allergy, which makes the gold price expensive.

No metal appeals to the imagination as Gold. Gold has been a center of focus over the years for kings, warlords and pirates. Mined in mines in Latin America, or surfaced in rivers in Africa. Gold remains a metal of choice to use for jewelry or other embellishments. Gold still has a magical status. And there are reasons for it! The price of gold has risen in recent months and it has also gained massive strength.

How do you know it is pure gold?

In Europe, the amount of pure gold present in a jewel is expressed in thousandths. For example, pure gold, better known as karat gold, has a value of 1,000. 18 carat gold consisting partly of pure gold, thus has a value of 750 parts per thousand. The rest is usually silver or copper. Each gold object traded in the gold market must have a valid test mark.

Some Facts About Gold

The most expensive gold coin

• In 2002, the American Double Eagle was sold for nearly 8 million. Although there are half a million of the coins, they are often melted and every one of them is resold again.

One hundred sixty-five million kilos

• This is the weight of all the gold that is currently available. While this seems much, it forms a cube of 20 by 20 by 20 meters!

Sixty-four thousand degrees

• This is the temperature at which gold melts. Because gold is often mixed with a variety of other metals before it is mined, this temperature is important to melt and purify the gold.

Soft Gold

• Gold is a soft metal when it is pure. That pure gold is called 24 carat gold. Because a soft metal is not convenient to wear as jewelry, the gold is often mixed with other metals to make it harder.

20 times as heavy as water

• Gold is nearly 20 times as heavy as water. A five-liter bottle filled with gold is almost impossible to wear!





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