We Sell Gold Right Here In Kampala

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We Sell Gold Right Here In Kampala

We sell gold and we are a leading distributor of gold in the East African region. With over a decade of experience in the gold business, there is no other company that outmatches our skills and acumen in this business area. We have extensive contacts and have built business rapport with many gold partners in the East African gold market, making us the choicest trading partner for all your gold needs. With our connections, we are able to source the highest quality gold from Ugandan gold mines and other sources in the Democratic Republic of Congo at your beck. Contact us now and place your order for that gold.

We sell gold – the purest quality in East Africa

With the current rout in the equity and stock markets brought about by the corona virus pandemic, this is definitely the right time to invest in gold. From time immemorial, gold has often been regarded as a keeper of value. It is the safest haven in times of economic downturns. So, if you are interested in diversifying your portfolios as you store your wealth, then it is time you considered investing in gold. We sell gold bars, gold ingots and gold bullion sourced from Uganda and the DR Congo. We will help you source the gold you want. For this, feel free to contact us s that you can start the process of your gold acquisition.

Are looking for companies that sell gold in Africa? Contact us now

We can help you source both retail and wholesale quantities of gold from the East African region. We possess vast experience in sourcing gold from artisan goldmines in Uganda and larger and more commercialized goldmines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So, if you are currently on the lookout for the purest 24k, 99.9% pure gold; know that we sell gold and that gold is here with us. Tarry no more. Invest in high quality 24k gold now. Contact us immediately.

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