US gold buyers buy gold from Africa

best gold price in Hong Kong, us gold buyers buy gold from Africa

US gold buyers buy gold from Africa

Recently many gold buyers from the United states have been getting the cream of the deal here in Africa. Many US gold Buyers buy gold from Africa for the simple fact that the gold is of very high quality and priced to go.

Africa being the continent with the most amount of mineral resources in the entire world, it’s only natural that any serious buyer considers the source for the best deals there is.

Venture into Africa before it gets overcrowded. We currently have the capacity to sell well over 3 tons per month (some of the gold being outsourced at a price that any gold buyer won’t resist.

Buy Gold from Africa with confidence

Many buyers lack confidence in African gold dealers for the simple fact that Africa has always been painted in a very negative light. There are instances of frauds here and there but where in the world don’t we have these incidences?

First things to do is to inspect the gold or ascertain that the gold is available. In most cases the gold is available but a deal usually fails to go through because of unnecessary western procedures of doing business that doesn’t suit African situations at all.

US Gold buyers buy from Africa more frequently and more successfully because they know what the gold business is about. Many fail to buy because of the assign massive importance to their paper money than to the gold – they come with lots of conditions that are unnecessary. E.g. they will start to ask for endless paperwork that is not even needed in African situations.

Cash and Carry or FOB are the most workable Procedures in Africa

Cash and Carry in most African countries go up to 50 kilograms to be carried legally per passenger. This, therefore, is Africa’s favorite since it’s quite easy to execute. Wire transfers are good for very large sums but many dealers fear retribution – This is Africa!

Banks tend to charge massive interest rates and also the tax man comes to chop at times up to 30% and that is bad for gold business since it will mean prices have to rise and buyers hate that.

US gold buyers are welcome to buy gold from Africa

We have the gold and you the buyer must have the money for us to start the business. If you want to get gold at a price as low as US$26000 per kilogram depending on how many kilos you would like to buy, drop us your request through the contact form.