Fine Gold From The DR Congo. Buy Gold From Africa Online


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Have you been looking for where to buy affordable gold bars, gold nuggets or gold dust? Forget about the silver spot price! Gold is real cheap here. The hottest deal that you have been looking for is here. The Democratic Republic of Congo is now open to international gold traders. How do you gain from buying gold here? Cheap gold is the answer. Buy gold from the rebel-held goldmines at the lowest price ever. Here is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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You have to get in touch with gold traders from the East African region. Forget about silver and the silver spot price for the mean time. The real deal is here. We are a company that has been trading in this precious metal for more than a decade now. Name whatever quantity you want and we will supply it. Our weekly supplies go up to 50 kilograms. Those who want small quantities too can buy from us.

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Small scale buyers can simply get in touch with us from our Kampala, Nairobi and Kinshasa offices. Here, you can cash-and-carry your acquisition. For bulk buyers, it is open too, though you can also make an order online. We deliver gold to all destinations across the world and we will be delighted to partner with you. If you had thought of buying silver and wanted to know the silver spot price, forget about. Gold is now cheaper here.

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Do not worry about documentation. We have been doing it for more than a decade and surely, we will never disappoint. Gold is a commodity that is treasured and highly valued. It would be stupid to risk its transportation by not providing the buyer with genuine documents. We save all our clients from such risks and will be more than happy to have you as one of our clients. This is the time to buy gold – when it is still cheap. Forget about the silver spot price! Gold is cheaper in the Democratic Republic of Congo.