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There are many shopping centres today throughout the world that buy and sell gold. When travelling or touring Canada, North America, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe; stores that buy gold in a gold rush can be located conveniently and easily. This growth in the number of gold buyers is structured on partnerships and inter-dependence between companies worldwide. Partnerships have been discovered and determined to be cornerstones for global gold businesses. This has facilitated the development of strong relationships in the gold rush, bringing together businesses and investments into properly recognized consortiums in gold trade and property ownership.
Standard international procedures to be followed while selling gold entail that a seller brings the damaged, broken or unwanted gold piece or jewellery into the closest store where the gold is bought from. Location of a store can be done online using the many store locaters or manually through direct inquiries and consultation from gold shops. With the aid of instruments and chemical processes, your unwanted piece is then tested professionally by the buyer before you are handed the cash. After the evaluation of your gold, an offer is then made by your buyer and upon your acceptance, you get paid on-spot cash.

With the existence of these distinctive gold stores that buy gold, convenience is what you should look for from a store as you sell your gold item or items. You should be in position to sell your gold in a secure, safe pleasant environment. In this article, we will deal with the prominent stores across the world where you can trade with consistency, trust and unwavering customer care. These stores buy used engagement rings, chains, rose gold, wedding bands, yellow gold and white gold. Other items that you can also conveniently sell in these stores include silver jewellery, platinum jewellery, dental gold, coins pendants and earrings. If you are also in possession of damaged pieces like bangles, bracelets, broken jewellery and real gold nuggets and gold bullion bars; below are the recommended stores across the world you can visit:


1. Buy Gold, Krugersdorp, South Africa: Located on Pretoria and market streets, Buy Gold LTD is a store where you can sell your unwanted or broken Jewellery while in South Africa. It is only when you visit this store that you discover an opportunity in which you can sell your gold for ‘spot cash’.
2. Precious Metals Brokerage Group (PMBG) is another company that can serve you better while in the US. PMBG boasts of being a gold commodity leader with more than 20 years of experience in buying and selling gold. They buy and sell all forms of precious metals and good gold prices. If you intend to have the best deal for your gold piece while in the United States, contact PMBG.
3. Baird & Co., UK is United Kingdom’s major gold player. With over thirty years’ experience in the international gold bullion market, you can find a trusted and genuine buyer and seller of gold in Baird & Co. If you happen to visit London and would like to part with your gold coin or gold bullion coin, this is the expert to deal with.
Although we would have loved to enumerate all the stores in the world, we find the above the most prominent. Others that are worth a visit include Clagary Coin (Canada), Ishifuku Metal industry Co. LTD (Tokyo-Japan), Buy Congo gold, Ltd and Australian Bullion Company (Australia)




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