Savings Security Through Gold And Silver

savings in gold and silver

Secure your Savings in Gold and Silver

Given the uncertainties in the financial markets, one should no longer avoid the question of the salvation of savings. We are facing profound drops that will capture all forms of savings. Especially in the pure paper investments like endowment insurance, fixed deposits, savings contracts, pension savings plans etc that threaten significant reductions. These are not crisis-proof equipment. You can secure the savings to gold and silver because this is about physical material with an intrinsic value. These precious metals maintain their value over very long periods.

Secure Your Savings in Gold

Each paper Currency loses sooner or later its intrinsic value because it is just a piece of paper. Gold, however, retains its purchasing power for thousands of years. So you could be tailored to fit a suit for an ounce of gold in 1913. For this value, which is currently at around 1,100 Euros, you get a good tailor-made suit today. The US dollar has lost around 95% of its value from 1913 to 2000! The euro has been losing since its introduction in a similar aspeed to value. Since the creeping devaluation is even politically willed behind closed doors, the depreciation will continue further.

Not only the currency per se, but also the paper money systems will lose vigorously in value, as well as investments that are based on the purchasing power and the availability of loans. That is why you should buy gold and silver:

Gold and silver can not be arbitrarily increased as opposed to paper money and are therefore stable in value. Gold is the money of the people and a proven store of value for thousands of years. Therefore, the major central banks have tens of thousands of tons of gold as a reserve asset.

Secure Your Savings In Silver

Silver is, in addition to its payment function, an indispensable metal in many industrial applications. In the production of all electrical devices such as cell phones, computers, cars, washing machines, solar panels, power lines, etc. Silver is needed. Due to the fact that it is still low, the recycling is not worthwhile and therefore the majority of the processed silver with the used goods is carelessly thrown away and thus destroyed forever. Only a small fraction is recovered.





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