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How to safely buy African gold in Africa

Buying gold from Africa is always very easy especially if you know how and who to deal with. On the other hand, it can become a nightmare dealing with endless paperwork on the African soil. To safely buy African gold, cut out middlemen to the leanest you can.

Generally, to successfully buy gold from Africa, avoid the use of too many middlemen – they hike prices and some of them are unscrupulous. Always Consider dealing straight with the seller.

How to Buy large quantities of Gold from Africa

There are sellers that do well over 400 kilograms here in Africa and such large quantities present some real issues when it comes to the logistical part of it.

The best advice is for the buyer to consider doing 50-kilogram tranches instead of taking the whole bulk at once. If it’s your first time buying from a seller, please do not do more than 10 kilograms for the first time as you develop a good relationship.

Cash & Carry, FOB or CIF

If you want to successfully buy gold from Africa, consider doing Cash and Carry or FOB. I will give you the reasons why later.
CIF simply doesn’t work in Africa because of the bureaucracy and the never-ending paperwork involved in it.

African sellers are just not made for that long paperwork that western buyers prefer. Most sellers simply want, hand me the cash and take the gold.
Therefore, to safely buy African gold, consider FOB or cash and carry for quantities of 50kgs and below. The best reason for this is that it’s more affordable and quite fast to execute.

How to go about Cash and Carry in Africa

So you have decided to do cash & carry for your gold. Yes. How would you like to go about it? Cash & Carry is simple just like you would buy most things. In Nairobi, any quantity of gold below 50 kilograms can simply be bought and all you have to request for is the certificate of ownership.

To buy gold from us on FOB or Cash & Carry, contact us through this link.