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France, whose boarders have currently expanded, was formerly known as Gaul in the Roman times. France’s foundational emergence as a leading nation can be traced back to the times of Louis XVI, the arrogant King whose opulent lifestyle fuelled the 1789 French Revolution. The emergence of leaders like Napoleon Bonaparte after the French Revolution ushered in a new era of political and economic changes. France is currently the largest nation in Western Europe and a key player in the European Union.

French gold coins come in denominations like the livre, whose name is rooted in Latin’s libra, which means book or pound; and ecu, meaning a shield; named after its design that boasted of a shield and a coat of arms. The libre coin is similar to the Italian Lira or British pound. Other gold coins also include the franc, bearing the engravements of King John in armor on horseback. The franc was launched in 1360 and fell into disuse in the period around 1642. Its revival came in 1795, a revolutionary period that saw the reinstatement of a decimal currency system in France.
Monnaie de Luxe is another coin that could be categorized as a luxury or specimen coin by investors looking to trade cash for gold. They boast of a superior finishing that most uncirculated ordinary coins don’t possess, though they are not indeed mirror-finished. The monnaies de luxe from France are crafted and minted to the highest quality of finish, superior to many proof coins from other countries.
It should however be remembered that in order to buy Monnaie de Paris, it is a pre-requisite that an investors or buyer opens an account in order to buy from the French mint. After opening that account, you are then free to select from the silver and gold coins of your choice. Bank cards that allow a maximum payment of €1500 are accepted by the Paris Mint. Members of the European Union pay VAT but US citizens are exempted from these taxations.
In France, there is currently a new law that prohibits sending silver, gold and cash. Selling gold coins by post and site trading are some of the new prohibits that came to effect in May 2011. Anonymous purchases of Silver and gold bullion worth €450 per bank transfer has been limited. The law also prohibits the posting of precious metals and bank notes, even if it is done by a registered mail shipment company. In a nutshell, there is no bullion by post arrangement.


With all these restrictions in place, one might find the handling of gold coin businesses in this part of the world difficult. So how does an investor from any part of the world invest in the French Bullion coins? We are the answer. Our network of business links is a solution to your worries today.
Since it is always prudent of an investor to find out as much as possible about the bullion products from France, we save you from such hustles. We provide you with more information about La Monnaie de Paris and other important mints by the French government. We offer connections to a variety of famous French silver and gold mints like the Monet and Lourdes. We also provide linkages to suppliers of gold jewels, gold medals, pendants and art objects. Contact us today for the latest in our stock.

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