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Forecasts, approaches and trends in gold

The global economic and financial crises are a major reason for the increasing demand for gold. Currently, the price of the precious metal is as high as ever. Worldwide, there is new investment, thus increasing gold production. It is not certain whether the demand for gold and the resulting high prices hold, or there is a decline in the gold price, which should defuse crises. This would not only have consequences for investors, but also for the miners and local communities to the gold mines, since the stopping money flows would deprive them of their livelihood.

The Origin Of gold

The origin of gold, whether in the form of jewelry or installed in mobile phones and laptops, is mostly traceable. Neither dealers nor customers are aware of this, which makes it difficult to pay attention to a fair and environmentally friendly production. An initiative to change this is, for example, Campaign No Dirty Gold. Launched in 2004 by the American organizations Oxfam America and Earthworks, this campaign is committed to making the extraction of gold humane and environmentally sounds.

They also requested that the global gold mining industry to offer the retailers and consumers an alternative to dirty gold. Initial successes already lined up a 2004, when the jeweler company Tiffany & Co. has worked with a new mine in the western United States, which threatened an important wilderness area. In Germany, the campaign is supported by the human rights organization FIAN.

International Information On Gold

The international initiative for Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), which are joined in the meantime more than 270 associations and companies, was founded in 2005. The RJC is committed to improving the ethical, social and environmental standards along the supply and production chain of jewelry: from the mine to the trade. Establishments that comply with the established criteria, are to be awarded in the future by assessors.

In addition to an improvement in production and delivery of raw gold and an increased focus on the gold recovery by recycling is desirable, as this is done fewer emissions compared to commodity profits from natural resources CO2. In addition, the natural resources remain untouched and the accompanying dismantling social and environmental damage in the mining areas are avoided.





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