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Buy Gold At Our Give Away Prices In Nairobi

The gold coins sales are very popular across the world. However, what most gold buyers haven’t discovered is that there is another way of buying gold that is more popular than the gold coins sale: that is when you buy physical raw gold at the best rate ever. That opportunity is available here in Nairobi Kenya. We have the highest quality, the purest and the cheapest gold sourced from the DR Congo here in Kenya. Come to Nairobi Kenya or simply contact us online for a chance to buy gold at the best rates ever. Cheap raw gold is available here with us at below the market price. Buyers from America, Africa, Europe and Asia must snatch this opportunity of buying gold at a price that is lower than that which is on the gold market.

Buy Any Quantity Of Gold At Our Give Away Prices

We are legally registered and licensed to trade gold in the East African region. Our footprint in Congo gold trade can be traced up to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and of course the Democratic Republic of Congo. Whether you are looking for hundreds of kilograms in a month or tens of kilograms in a week, you definitely must choose to buy and trade gold with us. We understand the gold market more than anyone else. Our experience and dealership in the gold commodity will definitely help you get what you want. The best that you can do at the moment is to place an order with us and we will deliver it anywhere, anytime. Let’s shift from talking about gold coins sale to talking about cheap raw gold available in East Africa.

Documentation and Shipment Provided For You

We provide shipping services for any bulk gold bought from us. Once you buy our gold, we will also process all the documents and provide you will all the necessary documents required in the transportation of Gold. Come to Nairobi Kenya now or simply contact us online for a chance to buy gold at the best rates ever. It is no longer about gold coins sale, but rather about cheap raw gold at give away prices.





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