Interesting Facts About Gold Sold in East Africa

facts about gold

Here are the facts about gold in Africa: cheap and affordable

Welcome to our review of facts about gold in East Africa. East Africa is one of those regions whose gold potential hasn’t yet been explored to the maximum. Many gold traders aren’t yet aware of the possibility of making double-digit income by trading in the gold available in the region. If you have been looking for the cheapest place to buy gold on the African continent, then East Africa is the place you should look up to in your quest for gold.

Interesting facts about gold number ONE – Cheap Gold in DR Congo

You can buy the cheapest gold from the continent from the Democratic Republic of Congo and that is one of the facts about gold in this region. This country is not so popular because of the wars. However, it stands out as one of richest countries in terms of mineral endowments in the East African region. The presence of warlords in the gold-rich regions means anyone can get access to gold at below the current market prices. We are a company that has access to this gold and you can buy from us cheaply.

FACT NUMBER TWO – You can buy any quantity at the best rates

For those who would like to buy gold from East Africa, it is recommended that they get in touch with companies that have established businesses in the region. Anyone can buy any quantity of gold from East Africa, as long as they network with the right people. As a company that has been in the gold business for more than a decade now, we know the needs of gold buyers. You can buy a handful, a piece or even bulk quantities from us. That is one of the facts about gold that you might like.

Finally, transportation of gold is easier and safer from the region

Like we already said, you won’t have any hassles in your dealings when you network with the right people. We process all the documents of any gold bought from us. With our FOB shipping model, we will transport gold to any destination across the globe. Buy the highest quality 24K gold sourced from the mines of Congo and Tanzania. We sell affordable gold and that’s another of those facts about gold in the East African region.

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