How Can One Erase Debt By Investing In Gold?

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How Can One Erase Debt By Investing In Gold?

You can only answer this question if you know the functioning of the current monetary system, the fundamentals of the gold market, and the enormous strategic stake around gold that has led to the “manipulation” of its course since years. If you do not know how our current monetary system works, you cannot understand where this permanent inflation is that is eating away the purchasing power of all “paper” currencies (Euros, Dollars, etc.). buy gold through our gold smuggler contact.

Buy our gold and Know How money is created?

Without going into too technical explanations, here is in summary how it works: Contrary to what many people think, money is not created by governments. It is created through private banks when they issue loans under the fractional reserve banking system. A bank creates money when it makes a loan. It creates this money from a very small monetary reserve that it multiplies: the bank can create 9 Dollars of loans for 1 Dollar of reserve that it actually owns. So 9 Dollars are created from (almost) nothing. Eliminate such debt from your life. Buy gold through our gold smuggler contact.

Minimize debt by investing in gold

The money you hold represents the debt. It is no longer, since the end of the “gold standard” in August 1971, convertible into a tangible asset: gold. You hold “paper” money that has value only as long as individuals have confidence in the monetary system or rather, for as long as they do not understand it. Gold is not subject to any of these manipulations. Gold is real money in your hands. It is the actual worth of your wealth. Convert your money into gold. Buy gold from our gold smuggler contact today.

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