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Gold buying has become a trend. And because you can make good money with trends, a few black sheep come crawling out here. Unfortunately there are many dubious sellers on the market. So do not buy gold from an unknown source. On the online marketplace eBay, for example, has ominous “trinkets from loft finds” offered. Worthless things are sold here at inflated prices to inexperienced investors. Be sure to read this report from an independent stock exchange Forum by: gold and silver on eBay – Warning!

Gold coins or bullion?

When you buy gold coins, the price difference between buying and selling is greater than that of gold bullion. Buying gold bars can lead to smaller increases in the gold price gains. For coins you pay higher price mark-ups compared to bullion, as the production costs are high here. But even when buying small gold bars (for example, less than one ounce), you pay high premiums. Gold Bars are so attractive especially for larger gold purchases. For smaller amounts, the purchase of gold coins can be quite sensible.

Gold coins also have advantages over bars. Coins are beautiful to look at and tamper-proof. They also have elaborate imprints. In situations of great distress, when you actually have to use gold as a means of payment, then coins are better (by the smaller amount of gold per piece). If you want to buy gold coins, then stick to better-known on coins such as Krugerrands, Vienna Philharmonic or Maple Leaf. These are purchased from internationally recognized mints. If you are unsure whether you should buy bullion or coins, then you buy but just a bit of both.

Where should you store real gold?

Gold can be stored banks or private companies. However, this kind of storage attracts some charges. This starts at about $100 per year. Mostly, it is this: The more gold you store, the more it costs. If you do straight buys of large amounts of gold, you should think about its own custody in a good safe in your own 4 walls.





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