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Are you ready to buy some gold? Do you want to buy gold at the best gold price from Africa? Contact us now. We are a company that sell the best quality gold from Congo here in Canada. Gold is a commodity whose market price is ever changing. However, you can buy from us at the current market price and or even lower on phone and online. We have the purest 24K gold here in Canada. You can also find us in Kampala. The only thing you need to do is to contact us now and snatch that best deal ever before it is too late for you. We have been in business for a long time now. We make honest verbal contacts through telephone and have never failed our clients. Contact us now and snatch your gold immediately. Buy gold from us, the most experienced gold traders in the East African region.

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We sell gold in small and large quantities. You can order for a handful. You can also buy just a kilo. If you need up to 50 kilograms, we will supply it as soon s you show interest to buy gold from us. Our gold is the highest quality gold mined from the rich Congo gold fields. We offer different payment options like credit cards, bank wire and even checks. Do not worry about being implicated in a gold smuggling, because we guarantee the highest safety in the transaction process. Are you ready to buy gold? Contact us now and buy gold from us immediately.

Gold papers allow you take your gold wherever, whenever. When such papers are not in place, there is likelihood that you might lose your gold. To protect you from such eventualities, we process all the paperwork when you buy gold from us.





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