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This is definitely the only place where you can buy 1 gram gold bars USA at the most competitive price. Gold is a versatile mineral that has fascinated mankind for many ages. Through us, you can buy gold bars and gold coins easily and securely online. You also benefit from the fact that gold is exempt from Value Added Tax. We have the purest and the 24K gold, with a purity of 99.9! You can never get the best anywhere at the most affordable rates ever.

Let’s talk about this fascination for gold. How did it start?

How did the enthusiasm of the people for the precious metal gold come into the world at all? In the fourth millennium BC, the history of Euphrates and Tigris is said to have occurred in the two countries of power. Workers had made a fire, and thereby heated gold by accident. The gold had been melted and coagulated into a shining lump after its cooling. The astonishment about the sparkling precious metal has been preserved to this day; the fascination for the fabric has remained. Gold, a rare precious metal with the element symbol “Au”, is still synonymous with wealth and prosperity.

Gold is appreciated for its exceptional qualities

Long before it had established itself as a globally accepted means of payment, gold was appreciated for its exceptional properties. Already in early cultures, commodities were made from the precious gold, as well as cult objects or final gifts for the dead. The earliest production of gold jewellery probably dates back 5000 years. It was the Sumerians, who created objects that were made of precious metal in the territory of today’s Iraq. Today, you can buy 1 gram gold bars USA and enjoy the benefits of investing in this exceptional product.

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Investors buy gold mainly because they value the long-term value of gold coins and gold bars. Gold is an international currency and is used by many central banks as a currency reserve. Buy 1 gram gold bars USA and other precious metals at one of the leading dealers in the United States of America easily online. We are ranked highly among the country’s precious metal traders. Hundreds of customers are supplied with gold, silver and other precious metals in bar and coin form.

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