Thursday, May 30, 2024

Affordable Gold Bullion From Best African Gold Sellers

Affordable Gold Bullion Available for Sale in Africa

Have been looking for gold bullion for sale? We have them here. We have already talked a lot about gold and silver in our films, but also in the comments and forum. We reported that gold holds value in the long term, while money and fiduciary media are losing their purchasing power through their continuous creation. Today we do this, how to buy gold and silver.

Why You Should Buy Gold And Silver From Us?

First of all, in order to preserve your purchasing power in a long time; you need to invest in gold bullion for sale. An example would be the fact that about a hundred years ago in 20 ounces of gold, or $ 400, you could buy a new Ford. Today, it continues that for 20 ounces of gold, you can still buy a new Ford, of course, much better technically, but not for $ 400 anymore. It may seem surprising that gold once cost $ 20 per ounce, and now about 1200 dollars. How can you talk about maintaining the value of the difference in price? You should realize however that it is not gold that is more expensive, but the dollar has lost value. By continuous dilution of the currency, the dollar has lost a huge part of its purchasing power. Buying gold should be treated more as an insurance policy, rather than an investment defined as the purchase of the assets of bringing a regular profit. Profit is possible with investments in gold, when we buy it at a time when it is undervalued, and sell when it is overvalued, but this is not the main purpose of its ownership. Gold is primarily intended to protect our purchasing power against inflation.

That gold is available here in Africa. We have lots of high quality gold available here with us. Contact us now in order to buy loads of high quality gold from us. That affordable gold bullion is available here with documents and FOB shipping services.





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