24k Gold Bar Price In UAE and Uganda

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24k Gold Bar Price In UAE and Uganda

Did you know that the 24k gold bar price in UAE is the same as that of Uganda? Yes! You can now buy gold from our gold shop in Kampala at the same rates at which it is sold in the UAE. The authorities in the United Arab Emirates have established rules for tax-free gold imports, especially in raw materials such as gold bars and that is why the price of gold there is affordable. However, in Uganda, the cheapness of gold is as a result of the discovery of more gold in the country. Gold mining has turned out to be one of the most lucrative economic activities in this Great Lakes’ country. In addition, much of the cheap gold sold in the country is sourced from The Democratic Republic of Congo and local goldmines dotted around the country.

More facts about 24k gold bar price in UAE

Gold in Dubai is at least 14.45 percent cheaper than that in any other country in the world. Many people from India, Russia, USA and The United Kingdom come to the United Arab Emirates in order to buy the precious metal. The quality and variety of gold in the country has attracted many gold buyers to the stores. However, quite a number of such buyers have also discovered that buying gold from Uganda is much cheaper than buying from the UAE because the 24k gold bar price in UAE is higher than that of Uganda. In Uganda, you can buy from goldmines where you can even haggle the price of gold. Actually, there some places where people even don’t know the price of gold. This gold is available in our gold shop in Kampala.

So, as you can see, you can buy that gold from Uganda

We are a company dealing in high quality Ugandan gold. From us, you can buy 22, 23 and 24k gold at below the 24k gold bar price in UAE. You can come to Kampala and buy that gold, or simply contact us and place an order online. We ship gold anywhere in the world using our FOB and CIF arrangements. When it comes to payment; we have many options ranging from credit cards, cash-and –carry to SLOC agreements. Buy from our gold today because our gold is relatively more affordable than 24k gold bar price in UAE.

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