24k Gold Bar Pendant Sold In Kampala

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24k Gold Bar Pendant Sold In Kampala

Worldwide, the most coveted metals are the 24k gold bar pendants, gold nuggets and gold dust. In addition, the jewelry crafted out of this precious mineral are often sought and highly valued by consumers of gold around the globe. But, where can one buy the purest 24k gold bar pendant, raw gold or gold dust from the East African region? Well, the only place is Kampala Uganda. When you come to Kampala or travel to East Africa on a tourism or business trip; you can add Uganda gold to your collection of souvenirs. High quality 24K gold is here available for sale to whoever is interested in buying.

Why buy 24k gold bar pendants from Uganda?

One of the most currently lucrative economic activities in Uganda is gold mining. The activity is carried out in more than six locations in the country, with the highest volumes coming from Karamoja, Kigezi and Busia. Since most of the mining is done in an artisanal way, there is a guarantee that you can actually buy a 24k gold bar pendant at below the current gold market price in the international market. So, if you are in Uganda and looking for cheap gold for sale, the count on us to deliver your gold.

The security of your gold is guaranteed until it reaches your doorsteps

We shall secure your gold using the CIF model, taking care of all the freight and insurance costs during transit. We will also process all the necessary documents required in the transportation of your gold, especially for orders made online. But, if you are in Kampala and would like to buy and hand-carry your 24k gold bar pendants from the country, then you can come to our Kampala office and make your purchase.

How pay for your gold

Paying for your 24k gold bar pendants is as easy as reaching your wallet, cashing the cashier and carrying your gold with you. However, if you are interested in a bulk purchase, your payment will be guaranteed using SLBC. On the other hand, we also carry out FOB transactions and shipment. Contact us through this link if you are interested in buying high quality 24k gold bar pendants from Kampala.

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