24k Gold Bar Necklace Buy Online

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24k Gold Bar Necklace Buy Online

Are you looking forward to buying a 24k gold bar necklace? If so, then you should as well think of buying high quality 24K gold bars, gold dust and physical raw gold at the best rate ever here in Kampala. We are a gold trading company located here in the heart of the city and for over a decade now, we have been satiating the thirst of investors looking for where to buy gold at the best rates ever. Buying gold is one of the best ways of hedging your finances and storing the value of your wealth. In times of uncertainties and during this era, you should think of investing in a metal whose worth doesn’t fade.

Are you coming to Kampala soon?

You could be planning a trip to Kampala soon. Whether it is a business trip or a holiday, you can as well grab some 24k gold bar necklace at the best rate ever. But, you might ask: is gold really cheap in Kampala? Can I buy gold at below the international market rate? Well, the possibilities are limitless because Uganda is one of the leading gold producing and exporting countries in the East African region. On average, Uganda makes an annual income of $200 million dollars selling gold to the United Arab Emirates. Much of the gold is sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the country’s small artisanal goldmines located in Karamoja, Buhweju, Busia and Mubende.

How can one, then, buy a 24k gold bar necklace from Kampala

We have the trendiest 24k gold bar necklaces on stock, as well as high quality 24K gold bars, gold nuggets, gold ingots and gold dust – with a purity level of 99.9%. If you are interested, then you can come to Kampala to one of our shops and buy yours. Payment and shipment methods vary, depending on the nature of the transaction. For small quantities, we normally use the FOB method after the payment for the gold commodity has been made. For large quantity purchases, payments are guaranteed by SBLC as well as safety guaranteed by the CIF model of shipment. Contact us now for more details.

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